I Write Letters

Dear Trent Reznor,

I can't be your boyfriend now.

We're through.

Hey, look, you know I've bought every one of your albums, even the shitty ones. Even the one you gave away free, because I just have to have a tangible, physical copy of my music; call me old-fashioned if you want.

And even though I may be old-fashioned, there are some things I am so not cool with: Like misogyny. Like calling women fat cunts.

(I do find it interesting, in its own weird way, that you seem to regard calling someone a cunt better than calling them fat. But I think that says more about you than it does me.)

I understand these people said some pretty vile things.

And I also understand you're a rock star and are therefore expected to be all edgy and in-yer-face and whatnot, and because of said rock stardom most people will give you a pass for your boorish behavior. But I'm not most people, and I expect the men in my life to act like men, to act like grown-ups, not petulant little name-calling children. Not petulant little name-calling, misogynist children

So, that's it. We're through.

No Longer Yours,


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