Via USA Today, a peek into the upcoming biopic Julie & Julia starring Ms. Bucketful of Awesome Meryl Streep as Ms. Queen of Cuisine (and no slouch in the awesome department herself), Julia Child:

Must have immediately, plz!!!!11!!!1!

There's a lot of cool stuff in the (short) article at the link, but I want to note two things here: 1) Streep has become the new summer blockbuster favie, "making a habit out of cashing in on the busiest moviegoing period of the year with female-oriented counterprogramming," woot! 2) Streep, instead of erasing Child's height, recognized that it is important to conveying who Child was as a woman:
The role is more of a stretch than usual for Streep, who is 59. Not only does her half of the plot begin with Child at age 37 in 1949 as a student at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, but the chef also was a strapping 6-foot-2.

How did Streep, who is 5-foot-6 or so, manage to create such a towering presence? "Meryl believed that in order to capture the essence of the character, you had to believe Julia Child is 6-foot-2," [director/writer Nora Ephron] says. "Actually, our ambitions were more modest. We made her 6 feet. We used a whole bunch of fabulous tricks. Everything we could think of. Ann Roth did amazing things with costumes."
Height is one of the many characteristics of women that frequently get erased when the stories of real-life women are told, as portrayed by Hollywood actresses. Height, weight, hairiness, age, scars—all the usual things that make us human, but are considered somehow "unfeminine." It's unfortunate that it is remarkable Streep insists on being true to Child by acknowledging she was a tall woman, but that it is remarkable only underlines what a role model Streep really is, totally aside from her exquisite acting.

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