I Tim Gunn

This is not news. But all the same, I felt obliged to mention it again, given this wee interview:
OK!: Do you like Michelle Obama's style?

I am in complete disagreement with critics who say there's too much skin showing when she wears shift dresses. What are they talking about? It's an arm!

OK!: What would be your first act if you were president?

I would question the trillions of dollars we're spending on the Iraq war. I'd invest in medical care and education for all.
Of course he would! Because Tim Gunn is the definitive mentor, who wants nothing more than for everyone to have a good start in this world. Universal healthcare and education is both generous and practical—which is exactly what one would expect from a fabulous mentor. That's how this country can MAKE IT WORK!

Oh, Maude, how I love him.

Now, if you'll pardon me, I must continue to obsessively detail in my Big Leatherbound Book of Grievances all the ways in which I am not Tim Gunn.

(Last entry under subhead Disappointing UnGunn-ness: #156 My voice does not have the capacity to nourish nest-fallen baby birds with its sheer soothing cadence.)

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