Dear NYT Style Section

A suggestion: If you're going to give a "trend" a name--e.g. "glam-mas," a cutesy term for grandmothers who don't want to spend their time taking care of their adult children's kids--you might want to find more than ONE example of a woman who refuses to babysit for her adult daughter. (Grandfathers, needless to say, are assumed to have more important things to do.)

On the other hand, I suppose the existence of even a single older woman for whom taking on the role of parent to a needy newborn--again--isn't the pinnacle of human experience proves the point. Grandmas yesterday knew their place--serving as unpaid babysitters, cooks, and maids to their children's children. "Glam-mas" today? Too busy doing selfish things--traveling or working or "put[ting] their romantic lives ahead of their grandchildren," as one psychologist tut-tuts in the story--to "be bothered."

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