Watchmen: The Trigger Warning

So, here's the thing. There's a rape scene in Watchmen. By all accounts, it's a fairly graphic one, too. Shaker Jessika emails (which I am posting with her permission):
I know that you and several other Shakers are geeks and have probably already read the Watchmen graphic novel. But for those who haven't, and are going to see the movie this weekend, I thought it might be good to give Shakers a major trigger warning about the movie, and graphic novel if they were going to read it instead. The Comedian beats and rapes the first Silk Spector. I haven't seen the movie yet (going Saturday), but from what spoilers I've read, the rape is in the movie and it's graphic. I read that Snyder wanted to make it disturbing to fit with the story and characters, not try to make light of it or sexy or anything.

I've barely read anything on the movie scene beyond stories from earlier in the year confirming it was in there and how brutal it was, and then it was mostly on geek sites. Since Watchmen is getting so much attention this week, and I'm sure some Shakers will go not knowing about that scene, it would be good to let them know it's in there.
So, consider yourselves warned. (And thank you, Jessika.)

I haven't read the graphic novel, and Iain and I are planning to see the movie this weekend with Todd, KennyBlogginz, and their mum. Earlier, I spoke to KBlogz, who's read the graphic novel, about the rape scene, as he also wanted to give me a heads-up about it (because he is awesome), and he said it's not presented (at least in the book) as anything but a ghastly crime. And, FWIW, the director of the film, Zack Snyder, treated the rape in 300 really well, in my estimation.

Personally, I'm glad to have been forewarned. It's not that I can't watch rape scenes, especially if they're integral to the story, but I do prefer to be prepared for them in a way I don't need to be for other emotionally demanding plot points. I figured there would be Shakers who wanted/needed to be forewarned, too—and anyone who considered finding out about a rape scene a "spoiler" ain't at the right blog, anyway.

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