By the way...

...the Masters of Disaster, otherwise known as the Republican Party, are up to some nonsense, but I literally can't muster the energy to care enough to write about it, mainly because it's not serious enough to warrant even the minimal expenditure of brain power it takes to write sentences to string together words like "conservatives," "total," "fucking," and "morons."

This pretty well sums it the nature of their grandstanding idiocy, though:
As Democrats (along with Contessa Brewer) have a ball playing up the GOP plan's lack of detail, Politico reports that House Republican aides are already squabbling over whose boss thought it was a good idea to unveil a budget that lacked nearly all the essential qualities of budget-ness.

The whole post is worth reading, but this quote from "a GOP aide heavily involved in budget strategy" stands well on its own:
In his egocentric rush to get on camera, Mike Pence threw the rest of the Conference under the bus, specifically Paul Ryan, whose staff has been working night and day for weeks to develop a substantive budget plan ... I hope his camera time was gratifying enough to justify erasing the weeks of hard work by dozens of Republicans to put forth serious ideas.
If only the House Republican Conference were a reality show.
I wonder what they'd call it, since "Biggest Loser" is already taken.

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