Rape Is Hilarious

So, this weekend, we decide to rent Hamlet 2, which we've heard is clever and has Catherine Keener in it, which is always a pretty compelling selling point at Shakes Manor.

Suffice it to say, the film is yet another in a long line of movies purporting to be about freedom of expression, but is really just a thinly-veiled manifesto asserting the right to engage in unabashed retrofuckery and fuck anyone who doesn't like it. (Also see: Misogyny, racism, anti-Semiticism, fat-hating, etc. aren't actually "edgy.")

And you can imagine how I was tickled positively pink when one of the two big numbers performed as part of the musical extravaganza finale is a song called "Raped in the Face," all about how when something that sucks happens to you, it's like being "raped in the face!"—an up-tempo ditty penned by the drama teacher protagonist and performed by him and his high school students.

Hilarious, no?

The only thing I can think of that's funnier than a song called "Raped in the Face" is actually being raped in the face. Which is a laugh fucking riot, I assure you—to which the many other women and men who have been forcibly made to perform oral sex against their wills by unrepentant rapists will also certainly attest.

And not only funny, but just like being mildly inconvenienced, too. Ha ha ha!

I despair for the world. I really do.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that, after seeing the film, I went back and tried to find a professional review that mentioned this song in any way. Though I found several mentions of an "objectionable" (or some variation on that idea) song, none that I saw explicitly noted there was a song called "Raped in the Face" in the film. And most of the ones that even passingly referenced an objectionable song did so on their way to complaining that the last 20 minutes were the only funny part of the film.

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