Question of the Day

Submitted by Shaker J0lt:
Bouncing off Liss' open letter to retail management, what is the most flabbergasting exchange you've ever overheard in a restaurant/retail?

Mine was an exchange overheard from the next table, where a guy asked some questions about his bill, the waiter said he would look into it and headed to the back. What followed:
Woman at table: What's wrong with the bill?

Man at table: Nothing.

Woman: Then why did you send it back?

Man: Because I can.
Based on the outraged stare he received from his dining companion (Mr. J0lt & I couldn't help turning and gaping at him as well (NYC tables are notoriously close together)) and the furious whispering that followed, I don't think their date went very well after that. This happened probably fifteen years ago and the entitlement in the guy's last statement still blows me away.

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