Isn't It Bromantic

This doesn't sound like a trainwreck at all:
SNL wunderkind Andy Samberg takes the March 2009 cover of Out Magazine and chats up his new movie, I Love You, Man.

The 30-year-old funnyman describes the comedy as "a dude-on-dude romantic story that straight guys can feel comfortable watching." The flick stars Paul Rudd as a guy on the verge of marriage who ends up on an accidental date with Andy, who plays a gay character who only sleeps with straight guys. A het hunter, if you will.

Andy says, "No one is going to look at my character in I Love You, Man, and say, 'It's funny because you're a straight guy playing a gay guy.' It's funny because the character is funny."
Funny ha-ha, or funny queer? [/sling blade]

This has the potential to be Deathbed Confession Cinema (Gays Are Funny…But They're People, Too!), or to be legitimately subversive. Samberg loves fucking with "Dude Culture," and there was, once upon a time, a Paul Rudd who would have been perfectly suited for a subversive film like this—but now seeing his name attached just makes me cringe. I fear I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry: Now With More Cute!

Btw, I know plenty of straight guys who feel comfortable watching a "dude-on-dude romantic story." Even ones where they're not given permission to laugh at the zaniness of it all (gayz!!!11! haha! dudez kissing!omg! haha! wieners!) at regular intervals. Imagine that.

I am not jizzing! in! my pants!

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