A Litter of Monsters

On Monday, Iain wrote about the dehumanization of Nadya Suleman via the use of fantastical monikers like "Octomom," which "sounds like a Marvel supervillain, or a monster." In comments, Shaker Jewel made what I thought was a really great associated observation:
"Octomom" dehumanizes not just the mother, but the babies as well. She didn't give birth to humans, but to eight little monster/animal/objects. It's disgusting. The mother's reproductive choices are her own and do not warrant or deserve media scrutiny; even less do the children, who had no say in the matter, deserve to be called animals and treated as entertainment material.
Indeed so. Thus, it was only a matter of time before the offspring of the Octomom became:

The Octobabies

Congratulations, America. Our reckless and unjustifiable demonization of eight children who did not ask to be brought into this world at all, no less all at once, is complete. How awesome are we.


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