David Gregory has reportedly been tapped to take over Meet the Press. Wev. Call me when it's Gwen Ifill.

Or anyone else who isn't just another straight white guy.

Nothing against straight white guys (I happen to be madly in love with one), and David Gregory is certainly competent and experienced enough to do the job, but it's just tiresome to see a flagship assignment go to another straight white guy. The excuse used to be, one recalls, that there weren't enough qualified people who weren't straight white guys, aw shucks—we'd really hire someone else if we could, but that's patently and observably not true anymore...yet still it's another straight white guy.

What a coincidence.

Meanwhile, MSNBC gives Rachel Maddow her own show, only to glamor her up and constantly subject her to "balance" provided by the likes of Pat Buchanan, because the appropriate counter to a progressive lesbian woman is a retrofuck gay-hating misogybag. CNN hires DL Hughley to be a bigotry-spewing circus clown instead of, say, giving Bob Herbert or Eugene Robinson an hour of serious news, and relegates both Christiane Amanpour and Fareed Zakaria to their international channel. And Fox is, well, Fox.

And no one seems particularly concerned about the message these decisions collectively send to the public in whose service news organizations ostensibly work.

This is nothing new, of course. Sometimes I just need to say it again.

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