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Dear Shaker Men,

I was wondering how you feel about Dennis Prager's contention that men are like animals in order to advance his argument that wives should submit sexually to their husbands even when they don't want to because men can't feel loved if they're not being fucked.

(If you're a gay man, of course you don't even figure into Prager's heterocentrist equations, except insomuch as he makes no distinction that he's talking only about straight men; it is simply men whose "sexual nature is far closer to that of animals" and who know that their partners love them "first and foremost by [their] willingness to give [their] bod[ies] to him.")

It must be thrilling to have such a prominent figure dedicate an entire column (and this is only Part One!) to coercing a woman to submit to you, irrespective of her desire, lest she risk your (totally justifiable) emotionally withdrawing from her, cheating on her, and/or leaving her, and that he does so with no apparent regard for the the fact that sex coerced via threat is rape. What lucky fellas you are!

Perhaps you'd like to contact Mr. Prager and thank him for being such a swell dude.


P.S. Isn't it just kooky how Prager accuses feminists like me of being man-haters? He's so humble. I could never hate men as much as he does!

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