As Predicted, Republicans' Feminist Awakening Was Short-Lived

I've been predicting for two months that if/when McCain lost the election, the Republicans who were so keen to use their funhouse version of feminism both to defend Palin against genuinely sexist attacks and to mendaciously attempt to insulate her from legitimate attacks by calling them sexist, would immediately excise the words sexism, misogyny, and feminism once again from their vocabularies and throw Palin under the bus using vicious sexist attacks.

File this under Unhappy to be Right:

(If anyone can find a transcript, please drop a link in comments.)

Everything about this video is disgusting. Bill O'Reilly affects minimal concern for Palin only as a bridge to get to Carl Cameron's next vicious report about her "tantrums," her ignorance, her "shopaholism," her greeting McCain campaign operatives wearing a bathrobe (the original report actually says "wearing nothing but a towel, with another on her wet hair"). O'Reilly offers a paternalistic, patently disingenuous defense after every new revelation, hardly able to contain himself from gleefully salivating at finally being able to throw Palin to the wolves after having to pretend to respect her for oh-so-painfully-long. Being able to bask in misogyny again is such a relief.

O'Reilly is nothing if not a Republican water carrier, and this, then, is the official GOP talking point: Palin is a dumb slut and that's why we lost.


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