Question of the Day

Inspired by the direction the conversation has taken here: What about sex surprised you once you started having it? What have you found delightful? What have you found aggravating?

It probably could go without saying, but I'll say it, anyway: "Sex" means whatever it means to you—vaginal, anal, oral, same-sex, opposite-sex, single partner, multiple partners, with toys, without toys, S&M, missionary position, swinging from the chandelier, whatever you fancy, as long as you're having it with a consenting partner (because, if you're not, it's not sex; it's something else altogether).

Per Shaker Llencelyn's request: TMI welcome and encouraged.

[My apologies to the virgins among us for the exclusion. I recommend considering this thread validation of your decision to remain celibate, or fair warning if you've only just not had a chance to dive in yet, heh.]

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