I have nothing much to add to this, other than Holy Fucking Shit, what fucking year is this?

Who Places A Lower Value On Black Lives? Would that be a police officer who accidentally shoots and kills a black woman, or that woman herself, a mother of six children by five different drug-dealing fathers, who takes up with yet another drug dealer?


Not surprisingly, black leaders are outraged. Also not surprisingly, their outrage is not directed at women in the black community who squeeze out litters of fatherless children, or the men who fuck and run, or fuck, deal drugs, and go directly to jail.
I seriously haven't seen such a blatant example of pigheaded white privilege and racism in a long time. "Squeeze out litters of fatherless children..." Just... holy shit. I don't link directly to this... ahem... "syndicated advice columnist, journalist and blogger," but if you choose to click over from my link, prepare yourself for some unbelievable "journalism."

Update: I should add that the comments thread at S,N! has some "trannie" jokes peppered around, so be warned. Also, the comments thread at the "journalist's" post are pretty vile, but you probably figured that out for yourself.

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