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Part 23 of our now-26 part series on craptacular advertising focused on Svedka Vodka's sexbot ("SVEDKA_grl") campaign—and she's already back, this time taking out a full-page ad on page A11 of The New York Times which offers Hillary Clinton a redeemable coupon for a personal supply of Vodka:

According to a press release about the ad, in which Hillary Clinton's name is misspelled as "Hilary" in one place, Svedka "thanks Hillary for making the Primary season so exciting and encourages her to sit back, relax and have a drink." Yeah, take a load off, little lady! Now that you've lost the primary, your work is done. It's not like you have an important and fulfilling career as a United States Senator to get back to or anything. Just get yourself some bon-bons and some booze and have yourself a little poolside R&R.

Although I'm not sure why Clinton would drink that Swedish stuff when there's a perfectly good Russian vodka that's been designed specifically for the ladies!

The press release also asserts that Svedka has "been trailblazing this platform with their new multi-level marketing campaign called 'Join the Party'. This promotion parodies a traditional election campaign aiming to elect the fembot, SVEDKA_Grl, to the White House. Over the next few months, Svedka will capitalize on the many twists and turns of the Presidential election by celebrating the humor of American politics." Oh, goody.

I can't wait.

(Random Aside: I wonder if the John in the ad is supposed to be John McCain or John Edwards. With no last time, Republicans can read into it that they're non-partisan, and Democrats can read into it that they're thanking the Big Three Dems for a hard-fought primary and are liberals who don't give a crap about McCain. Hmm.)

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