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Every once in awhile, I have the occasion to include Iain's name in correspondence with someone who replies by spelling his name "Ian" in return.

The first time this happened, I figured it was a typo, but subsequently, I realized that it was evidently meant to communicate the message that I don't know how to spell my own husband's name. Or, perhaps, that the Scottish Gaelic spelling is so prohibitively troublesome that it is to be wholly ignored.

I mentioned this to Iain, thinking he would share my amused aggravation with my being treated like I am daft, but instead he scowled and informed me that people do the same thing to him.

"My name is in my every fooking email signature and right in my fooking email address; they've goot tae spell it coorrectly joost tae get the bloody email tae me. Boot then they address it tae I-A-N, like I dinny ken hoo tae spell my oon fooking name."

"That would drive me berserk."

"It DOOS drive me berserk! Well, moostly oonly if I'm already having a shite day."

I don't know if I just notice more thoughtless assholery like that the older I get, or if there actually is an increasing amount of it, but, either way, it's no wonder there are so many people whose internal emotional metaphor is that of a simmering pot about to erupt into a raging, uncontrollable boil.

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