Name That Cult Movie

Wow, I haven't done one of these in a while! Nostalgia is good! For those of you that haven't seen this game before; here's how you play: Read the quotes, and put your guesses in comments. Wow, really tough, huh? I'll be posting the answers tomorrow. And remember, every time you cheat by looking at the IMDB, baby Jebus cries.

1. "Hello! Hello, hello! Here I am with a flying saucer in my lap, not to mention an escaped convict, and I can't get this phone to work!"

2. "I am Ergo the Magnificent! Short in stature, tall in power, narrow of purpose, and wide of vision, and I do not travel with peasants and beggars. Good bye!"

3. "Those guys aren't even giving us a hard look."

4. "You've overstepped your line again, Bub. There's a creator's highest law that keeps you in your dark place and yet you and your brethren still insist on coming into this world and trying to steal a place in the world of the living. When will you ever learn?"

5. "Who the fuck hit me?"
"Batman, motherfucker!"

6. "Where is the Mr. Pibb? I told your secretary to pack Mr. Pibb. It's the only Coke I like. Goddamn Brenda exploding like a water balloon, worms driving my friends around like they're goddamn skin-cars, people are spitting acid at me, turning you into cottage cheese, and now there's no fucking goddamn Mr. Pibb?"

7. "No, no, more of the funny show, the little puppets hitting each other! That's what I like! Little things hitting each other!"

8. "Would I be correct in thinking that you can neither see nor hear me? Then I'd like to tell you that you smell of pee. You look like the wrong end of a dog. And I swear, if I don't get my Tristan back as he was, I'll be your personal poltergeist!"

9. "Paul, this is more important than selling ice cream! There's clowns running around killing people; we're all in danger!

10. "Send... more... paramedics."

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