For those of us who want to decide for whom to vote based on with whom we'd most prefer to have a beer, there's been precious little information about the candidates' preferred libations, but for those of us who want to base our decision on with whom we'd most prefer to have a beer in a sports bar, there's been even less. So thank Maude for CNN, who comes through with the HEADLINE NOOZ once again!

Obama visits Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame, launches an air ball:
A basketball fanatic, Barack Obama on Saturday visited one of the shrines at the heart of hoops country, touring the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame with a real star at his side and a whimsical view of his own abilities.

"I definitely would not qualify for any hall of fame," said Obama, who uses the game for exercise and describes himself as not bad for a 46-year-old guy. "I've already said we're taking out the bowling alley at the White House and putting in a basketball court."

...Obama also got tested at one exhibit, where he was challenged to make a shot. His first shot was an air ball, but his second hit nothing but net.
Huh. That certainly makes the headline an interesting choice. I guess the CNNers are "glass is half empty" types. Meanwhile...

Hillary Clinton takes a swing at sports metaphors:
When it comes to presidential politics, the bulk of the sports metaphors come from boxing – one candidate jabs the other, another is against the ropes. Watching an ad for an upcoming presidential debate can leave the viewer wondering whether it's going to be on pay-per-view. Over a year into the election cycle, the expressions are stale and Hillary Clinton must have gotten the memo because in recent weeks she has ventured beyond the ring and onto the field.

"I will be the best quarterback I can be for our country," Clinton told guests at an April Democratic dinner in Pittsburgh where she received a Steelers' jersey and a Terrible Towel.

...Barack Obama may be the real athlete in the race, but standing on a platform over the South Bend Silverhawks' home plate at a rally Saturday, Clinton couldn't resist becoming a two-sport candidate.

"We're going to hit some of those balls out of this stadium and out of our country's stadium," she announced.
NOOZ, bitchez!

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