And Here I Thought It Was a No-Brainer

This, at 81 words, continues to be one of the most controversial and widely discussed posts I have ever written.

Lots of people seem to have a problem with the idea that feminism* is an integral part of progressivism.


Lots of people mask their real problem with that idea behind the erroneous claim that I argued feminism is the defining, or most important, component of progressvism.

I did not.

Lots of people making that erroneous claim seem quite certain I would not consider "civil rights supporter" or "LGBTQ rights advocate," as but two examples, interchangeable with "feminist" in that post.

I would. The post gives no hint that I wouldn't. But they are certain I am redefining progressivism with feminism at its center, to the exclusion of everything else.

Why do they read it that way, do you think?

I have my suspicions, but I'll leave it to you to discuss in comments.

(Thanks to Res for a particularly good post.)


*By which I mean the idea that the sexes are equal, and which should not be read as limited to any particular practice of feminism/womanism, but encompassing of them all.

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