Operation Skull-Inflation

Petulant just sent me this hilarious quote from Rush Limbaugh:

Geraldine Ferraro also not backing down, despite onslaughts from across the political spec-- Well, I think the Republicans are staying quiet on this for the most part. This is another example of the chaos that has been created out there, ladies and gentlemen, by us, you and I working together to create chaos, Operation Chaos. It's even been in the Huffington Post today. It's been acknowledged. The Limbaugh Effect is working and will continue to work throughout the rest of these primaries and the Democrat campaign season.
He's gone nutz. Truly. If there's one thing I can tell Rush Limbaugh, it's that the Dems have been able to shoot themselves in the foot without any help from him for decades!

That said, I would like to note that the increasing number of male conservatives who like to have sex with gay men is, in fact, directly attributable to my blogging about LGBTQ rights since 2004. The McEwan Effect is working and will continue to work throughout ETERNITY!

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