More Super Tuesday

I'm getting excited emails from Clintonistas and Obamites who have happily cast their votes this morning, which is making me all kinds of giddy. And Shaker Heather B. has a great post on voting today:

I took my ballot and off I went to the little cardboard booth. I filled in my ballot and plopped it in the machine, learned I was the 53rd person to vote today, got my little sticker and a pamphlet about pandemic flu, and headed out.

And what happened next is why it is so important to vote, and why polling places should be in spaces where children can observe.

As I walked out the door, all the little kids were in lines waiting to filter into the building. A little Latino boy sees me come out the door and called out, "Hey lady! Whatcha doing here?" I smiled and said, "I voted today." Upon which all the little kids burst into cheers and yells. I walked away to the sound of applause.
Hot damn. I love the smell of Democracy in the morning!

Meanwhile, speaking of wildly inaccurate political polling, Josh Marshall takes a comparative look and notes:

There's one guarantee I can make right now about tonight's results. They are going take make either Zogby or SurveyUSA look like complete fools. Which one I'm not completely sure, but definitely one of them.

Consider this spread. Zogby has his final California number as Obama 49%, Clinton 36%. SurveyUSA has Obama 42%, Clinton 52%.
Zoinks. That's quite a spread!

It's going to be a wild day, Shakers.

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