I Write Letters

To: Michael "Michael Savage" Weiner, Professional Retrofuck Jackhole
From: Melissa McEwan, American Citizen
Re: Shutting the Fuck Up


Dear Mr. Weiner:

I am writing to you on behalf of your usual correspondent, Paul the Spud, and bored American citizens everywhere. Your latest insane bloviation is not only heavy with the weight of the intolerable bigotry which typifies the daily vomfest you call a show, but reveals that your dreary shtick has reached its grim nadir, failing utterly to generate within me even the merest hint of outrage. Instead, your sad, tedious, yawn-inducing references to an "affirmative action presidency" are pitiable at best. You've become little more than a mildly irritating fly whom one must keep brushing away at an otherwise enjoyable picnic—buzzing, buzzing, buzzing and pretending it's thunder.

So why don't you just do us all a huge favor and STFU?



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