Just when I was starting to have a little hope that the voters here in Florida were catching up with things, something like this happened yesterday and we're back to Square One.
Millions of Americans in 24 states are turning out vote to in Super Tuesday presidential primaries from Georgia to Alaska today. Meanwhile, some dedicated if confused Florida voters are trying to, as well.

Elections offices across the state are reporting hundreds of calls from voters wanting to know where they can vote today. The answer is that Florida already had its presidential primary -- last week.

"We've had over 100 calls at least over the last two days," said Kathy Adams, a spokesperson for the Palm Beach County Election Supervisor.
I love my adopted home state, but... Oy.

Well, let's look at the bright side: it means people are starting to pay attention.
One University of Central Florida political science professor speculates today's confusion may reflect greater voter interest in this year's presidential race.

"There is a fairly large part of the public that doesn't pay much attention to politics," said Aubrey Jewett. "I supposed all the hype and talk about Super Tuesday finally convinced them to come out to vote."
Hey, voter turn-out is voter turn-out, right?


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