Is Washington Big Enough for TWO VAGINAS?

Honestly, I just don't even know what to say anymore:

An interesting endorsement for Obama today. Pelosi's BFF George Miller, a fellow Californian who chairs the House Education and Labor Committee, announced today he's endorsing Obama.

Pelosi has so far stayed out of the race. But when her top advisor who also happens to be a famous champion of women politicians endorses Obama, does it send the signal: is there room in Washington for both a Speaker Pelosi and a President Hillary?
Are you fucking kidding me?

Voluminously speaking, it seems to me like the dicks are taking up a hell of a lot more space in the Beltway. From a strictly geometric perspective, a few more vaginas might be in order.

Maybe even more than two—although I'm not sure the world is ready to so brazenly test the Patriarchal Law of Concurrent Cuntitude, which posits that tokenism is the universe's stabilizing force. If we allow two women to simultaneously hold positions of power, there's no telling what might happen.

[Via LeMew, still the bestest French pussycat in all the land.]

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