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A bitch was pleased to read that Senator Clinton would increase funding into autism research and education, but I’d like to see some of that money go to adult autistics too.

Oh, I know that the press is in love with autism right now because the revised spectrum has resulted in a better understanding of just how common an autism diagnosis is. But the press has failed…horribly…to point out that autism is not a childhood illness just because symptoms appear when a person is a child.

Autistics grow up. Education is great and more funding will certainly help the many families who can not afford programs that will help their child become an adult who can participate in society. But autistics grow up and that 1 in 150 estimated figure should be a warning bell to policy makers that major funding increases in adult care and job training programs are needed now and sure as shit will be needed in a few years.

So go forth and fund research for a cure and research into treatments. I hope all the candidates intend to fund education and expand the availability of those programs to all families. But all y’all need to know that the thousands of autistic adults who woke up autistic today and will, by the grace of God, wake up autistic tomorrow need a commitment to healthcare, job training, work programs and residential care.

I’ll say it one more time…autistics grow up.

This Missouri voter would like some of that $700 million to go towards funding adult programs for people like my older autistic as hell but loves to work brother so his ability to participate and add value to our community isn’t on the quarterly cutting block. A bitch would like everyone and anyone who talks about autism to recognize that some of us caregivers are siblings or aunts or uncles or even cousins. As autistics grow up my family’s story will be more common…siblings emerging as co-guardians when parents are no longer there.

My brother is 37 years old…he ain’t a child anymore…and I will welcome funding that acknowledges that. Senator Clinton’s proposal it is a good first step.

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