Guess Who Thinks Rape Is Hilarious Now?

Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly, and Adam McKay:

[Transcript below.]

Nothing's more hilarious than raping a woman with your buds! That's some high-quality male bonding, dudez.

Also, the woman hilariously chasing after them screaming, "Rape! Rape!" while they run away zipping up their pants was a nice comic touch.

Seriously—where's the punchline? For that matter, where's the joke?! Even worse than the usual "rape joke" fare, this is literally just having a laugh at the idea of gang-raping a woman. It's a completely despicable and indefensible expression of overt misogyny, a tacit advocacy of rape—but no one's demanding a public apology from these hilarious comedians, because violently hating women for laughs is still just fine and dandy in America.

[Thanks to Shaker Joe for passing that along after finding it—posted favorably, natch—at Rape just keeps getting more hilarious, the more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more jokes I hear about it.]


Green Team: Hey, hey, hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa!

McKay: Don't throw your litter on the ground.

Reilly: That's garbage!

Ferrell: There's a place for that. It's called the waste basket.

Woman 1: Who are you guys?

Adam McKay: We're the Green Team, and we're here to help.

GT: Green Team! Green Team! Green Team! Green Team!

McKay: Hi! I'm Erin Gossamer for the Green Team.

John C. Reilly: Jim Smegg for the Green Team.

Will Ferrell: Hi, I'm Arnold Darkshner for the Green Team!

McKay: Remember to unplug your cell phone charger when you're not using it.

Reilly: Do you know that disposable lighters are one of the biggest plastic polluters on the planet?

Ferrell: Turn out all the lights in any rooms you're not using.

GT: Green Team!

McKay: Don't you know how much plastic that wastes, eating that?

Guy 1: Well—

McKay: Try going to your local store and tell 'em you don't want your stuff wrapped in plastic; you want it wrapped in biodegradable napkins.

Reilly: Buy a Zone Bar that's not wrapped in a wrapper. They sell 'em in bulk!

Ferrell: You have an ID or credit card that the Green Team could see?

Guy 1: [mumbles]

McKay: Here's another healthy tip—try wrapping your feces in tin foil and saving it in a cooler. …Don't use plastic wrappers, you understand me?!

Guy 1: Yeah! I get it!

Ferrell: You understand?

Guy 1: Yeah, yeah—


GT: Green Team! Green Team! Green Team!

Reilly: Reusable packaging, ethanol, and day-old bakery goods.

Ferrell: Solar, wind power, and knives!

McKay: Biodegradable napkins, batteries, and glass dildos.

GT: Hey! Motherfu—! Hey! Whoa, whoa!

Guy 1: What is going on?

GT: [grunts and punches] Green Team, asshole!

Ferrell: Just because it's a hybrid doesn't mean it doesn't burn gas!

Reilly: Just because I'm an environmentalist doesn't mean I'm a sissy, motherfucker!

GT: [grunts and kicks]

Ferrell: Use your fucking brain!

McKay: We gotta get the fuck out of here—I think he's dead!

Guy 1: Fuck you, Green Team!

Ferrell: Run him over! Run him over!

McKay: I got a murder boner!

GT: Green Team!

McKay: Remember, when you're done with a crime scene, always bleach.

Ferrell: Looking for something fun to do with your friends? Track coyotes. And when you catch them, always remember, they're a great source of meat and protein.

Reilly: Make love to Mother Earth. Make a small hole in the ground, fill it with a little bit of water for lubrication, and go to town. Heh, just a thought.

GT: Green Team! Green Team! Green Team!

Ferrell: My mom keeps calling me and asking me if I'm gay. I don't think I'm gay.

GT: Green Team!

Reilly: [babbles unintelligibly]

McKay: Which do you think is cooler—an orca whale fighting a great white shark, or a vampire having sex? We'll never know!

Reilly: If you go into a bakery, and they sell day-old items, say, "What the fuck is this shit? Just throw it out!"

Ferrell: And a compost bin is a great place to store a baby when you're finished with them.

McKay: Ahh!

Ferrell: Hey, sugar. Don't you know smoking's not good for the environment?

Woman 2: Who are you guys? …RAPE! RAPE!

GT: Shh! Green Team. [random shouting] Green Team! Green Team!

McKay: Here's a tip—shut your fucking mouth!

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