Five Good Samaritans Rescue Woman from Assault

In what was the complete opposite of the story from August in which neighbors ignored a rape occurring in their apartment hallway, five good Samaritans intervened in an alleged rape, the victim of which was a 22-year-old woman on crutches from a leg injury. The five—three men and two woman, all about 20 years old—tackled the alleged rapist, called 911, and detained him until police arrived on the scene to arrest him.

Katie Porter, 20, was among the five young adults traveling in a car that passed the crime scene outside an apartment complex. Both [37-year-old Paul Landingham]'s and the woman's pants were pulled down, Porter said. While she initially thought the two might just be "drunk lovers," the group became suspicious and collectively decided to turn around for a closer look.

As they approached the apartment complex for a second time, Porter said, Landingham began to get up and the woman screamed for help. At this point, Porter said, all five passengers knew something was wrong.

"He got off the girl and started running," Porter said. "The three guys ran out and went over and tackled him."
Landingham faces charges of first-degree rape charge, assault, and strangulation—which suggests the group of five may have saved a life because they were willing to get involved. Said Katie Porter: "I'm really glad that we went back." I can't even imagine how glad the woman they saved is.

This reminds me of the story of the bartender and waitress—two women in their 20s—who saved a female patron of the bar in which they worked from her date, who made repeated attempts to drug her drink, as well as the story of the three young college women who rescued an unconscious 17-year-old girl from a gang-rape at a party. I find it more encouraging than I can possibly convey when young people, especially young women, so fiercely and bravely intervene in these situations, simply refusing to abide this shit.

[Thanks to Shaker Christine for passing that along.]

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