Brain-Numbing Dipshittery During the SCHIP Debate

As promised, and care of Petulant, natch, here is video of Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) on the House floor earlier today, explaining why he must cast a vote against SCHIP, with a giant picture of a fetus behind him. It's like someone bet this douchebag money that he couldn't hit every square on an anti-choice Bingo card, and he said, "Oh yeah? Watch me."

Full transcription below, with, uh, some comments.

[Huge list of all the conservative "family" organizations for which he's worked and all the stupid "child-protecting" legislation he's written until 1:12.]

Mr. Speaker, the reason I say those things is that there is one. critical. component of protecting innocent children I have learned over and over again, and that is if you desire to protect children, you must. protect. the family—because either families or government bureaucrats will ultimately make the decisions about nearly all aspects of our children's lives.

The proposed S-CHIP legislation funds and empowers government bureaucracies and not families. It is a quintessential example of a misguided and overreaching program that is an entitlement program and affixes itself to a funding mechanism that is a declining revenue source. [Is this asshole telling us he's failed to notice that laws aren't permanent and can be changed down the road as necessary?!] Not only does it place this generation of children into a Hillarycare, government-run healthcare system, but it also places the burden of cost on the next generation of children, Mr. Chairman. And those will many times, who will be forced to pay for it, will be those making less money than those benefiting from the program.

Mr. Speaker, Americans care desperately about their children, and unfortunately in this S-CHIP debate, liberal Democrats are exploiting America's love for children for temporary political gain. [SAYS THE FUCKNUT WITH THE GIANT PICTURE OF A FETUS BEHIND HIM!!!] The majority has cast this entire debate in terms of Republicans being against children and Democrats being for them. For a Republican life myself, who has spent their entire life and dedicated to children's issues, it is an equation that I have to reject in the strongest possible terms. And it's especially difficult for me, Mr. Speaker, in light of the fact that the same party who says they advocate for poor children leaves. the very. poorest. children. of all. out of. the equation!

[Won't someone PLEASE give the fetuses an allowance?!]

It is the Democrat party, Mr. Speaker, that for decades has fought for an abortion-on-demand policy that has allowed thousands of unborn children to be killed in America. every. day. At the beginning of this Congress, newly elected Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi said 'We are here for the children' and she called the house to order, quote, 'for all of America's children.' But she didn't mean all of them, Mr. Speaker. In fact, most Democrat members of this body, including Speaker Pelosi, voted against, in the last Congress, allowing unborn children to even receive anesthetic when undergoing abortion procedures so torturous that they would be a felony if performed on an animal.

[Just ask Bill Frist.]

Mr. Speaker, behind me this picture is a little baby who deserves to be protected like every. other. child. in this country, and yet, before the sun sets in America today, four thousand unborn children will be killed through abortion-on-demand, and, Mr. Speaker, their mothers will never be the same. ["Women are too stupid to know what they're doing"…I've got Bingo!] The Democrat Speaker and the majority of this Congress have to somehow understand that there are better ways to help mothers than killing their children for them.

And they must also realize that they can never have credibility as advocates for children while they still support an abortion-on-demand policy that has killed. nearly. fifty. million. innocent. children! Mr. Speaker, it is time for members of this body to come together and to truly do the right thing for all of America's children, even those yet unborn. Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

[And that's why he can't vote to fund healthcare for children. The End!]

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