Place Your Bets

Sen. Larry Craig is going to make an announcement tomorrow (Saturday).
"We haven't quite scheduled anything, but we're looking at doing something tomorrow," said Craig's spokesman Sid Smith. "We haven't set a time or place yet."

The clamor for Craig to step down intensified today, with the news that the Republican Party had been prepared to issue a statement calling for his resignation, a GOP source said today.

But they didn’t put it out because “party leaders had received an indication that Craig was going to step down,” on his own, the source told McClatchy Newspapers.
Okay, Shakers, time to place your bets and quote the odds on who he'll blame for the end of his senate career...assuming that he does as expected and resigns.

Here are mine:
* The liberal media, including the Idaho Statesman: 1 to 2.

* The Radical Homosexual Agenda, including that big hunky guy that's always checking him out in the Senate dining room: 2 to 1.

* The Minneapolis Airport Police, because you know how vengeful those big Scandinavian numbers can be when you reject them: 5 to 1.

* The hypocrisy of the Republican Party that allows Senator David Vitter (R-LA) to pay for a hooker and gives him a round of applause when he apologizes, but boots Craig out 'cause he's Teh Gay: 50 to 1.

* Himself. "I have been lying to you and to my friends. I'm a Gay American and I'm finally free and brave enough to admit it. (Clicks heels three times.) There's no place like homo!" 1,000 to 1.
Any takers?

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