Quid pro quo

No one should be surprised by George Bush's exposed scheme to have Delta Black Ops Team Bravo Commando Force take out selected PPK leaders in exchange for Turkey not sending waves of troops across the border into Iraq. This was inevitable, given Bush's predilection for military solutions - when your only tool is a hammer, you treat every situation like a nail - and the desperate need to forestall an outright Turkish invasion of northern Iraq.

The truly interesting question which no one has yet posed involves the Iraqi Kurds. There has to be more than one quid pro quo at work here. Unless Bush and his minions are completely untethered from reality, they must have made some offer, some promise, some outright bribe to the oft-betrayed Kurds in order to buy a level of acquiescence.

So what have we offered the Kurdistan Regional Government?

And whatever it is, has anybody told the Shi'a and Sunnis?


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