Anti-Choicers Whining about GOP Candidates

None of the front-runners is sufficiently retrofuckified to suit them. So they're making threats:

[James Bopp Jr., an influential conservative lawyer and general counsel to the National Right to Life Committee], who has signed on as an adviser to the Romney campaign, said that a Republican nominee who supported abortion rights "would essentially be at war with the base, and that would manifest itself in a lot of different ways."
Oooh. Worse yet:

[Richard Land, the president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention] is also warning that the party cannot assume it will hold the anti-abortion vote in a general election if it nominates a supporter of abortion rights.

“If there is no difference on that issue, then all of a sudden a lot of other issues start getting oxygen,” Dr. Land said.
ZOMG! Say it ain't so! If the GOP stops pandering to the retrofuck anti-choicers, they might stop being asinine one-issue voters and start giving their votes due consideration?! Heavens to Mergatroid! Why—that could mean anti-choicers actually notice they're often voting against their own best interests on just about every other issue or even (OMG) that Democrats don't really "promote" abortion! Don't do it, anti-choicers! Retain your focus—otherwise, you might just become—horror of horrors!—sensible people!

"Give us what we want, or we swear…we'll behave reasonably!"

Granted, that doesn't say too much for anti-choicers, but think about how little it says about the GOP, too. Anti-choice leaders know the GOP has fuck all to offer their base except the gossamer promise to criminalize abortion. They're so intellectually and morally bankrupt, that some conservative leaders are now plainly saying, "We can't deliver the base to you without the abortion issue, because you've got nothing else."

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