House Passes Lily Ledbetter Act

The House has started to undo some of the damage that the Roberts court wrought last year, passing the Lily Ledbetter Fair Play Act, which undoes the incomprehensibly stupid SCOTUS ruling that if you only find out two years after the fact that you've been discriminated against, well, tough. Speaker Pelosi sez:

The New Direction Congress achieved a crucial victory today for justice and equality with the passage of the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. This legislation corrects a recent Supreme Court decision that severely restricted the right of workers to have their day in court when their employers have engaged in pay discrimination.

The Supreme Court’s decision ignored the reality that most workers do not discuss their paychecks with their colleagues, which makes it extremely difficult for employees to know if they have been the victim of pay discrimination. By rectifying the Court’s decision, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act restores balance in the law and allows victims of wage discrimination to seek justice in the courts.

Of course, I'm sure the SCOTUS will find a way to make the new law not say what it plainly says too. After all, how are businesses supposed to keep the women and minorities down if they can't actively discriminate against them?

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