Clap for Alaska!

You know, usually Louisiana takes first prize in any competition for most corrupt state, followed closely by Illinois. But Alaska has certainly established itself as a major player, hasn't it?
Alaska has 3 members of Congress, all Republicans, 2 senators and an at-large House member. Judging by the news, neither the House member, Don Young, nor the senior senator, Ted Stevens, is likely to be at large for very long-- and the other senator, Lisa Murkowski, from one of the most corrupt political families in the history of the state, was just caught in some financial and real estate improprieties which aren't likely to be swept under the rug too quickly either.

That's impressive! A lot of states would accidentally elect one honest congressperson or senator, but not Alaska! No, sir, that state's 100 percent corrupt, and proud of it! So be proud, Alaskans. No longer are you just known as a state that, in the words of the Simpsons movie, pays its citizens to let the oil companies despoil its natural beauty. No, you're also the most corrupt state in all the Union. And overwhelmingly Republican -- though I'm sure that's just a coincidence.

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