Chicago Man Arrested for Terror Plot

I suspect this will be an interesting story to follow through the rest of the day…

Not a ton of information on this yet, even from local affiliates, but Goat Throat is already reporting about it breathlessly. They’ve got 24 hours a day to fill, bitchez! Here’s the scoop so far:

A man was arrested in the Chicago area on Friday for allegedly plotting to attack Rockford, Ill., over the holidays, officials told NBC News.

The plan involved a bombing and a shooting, the officials said.

The man had no accomplices and was not part of a terrorist cell, sources said on condition of anonymity.

…The plan was allegedly ideologically motivated.
The Trib has precious little info, but they report the attack was meant to be carried out on a shopping mall—which is slightly different from attacking “Rockford, Illinois.” Like I said, it will be interesting to see this one unfold.

The guy’s supposed to appear in court later today, so we might find out then what his “ideological motivations” were. Btw, the US Atty on the case is Patrick Fitzgerald, back on home turf.

UPDATE: Sounds like another genius: "Derrick Shareef, 22, of Rockford, was arrested when he met with an undercover agent in a parking lot to trade a set of stereo speakers for four hand grenades and a handgun. ... Federal officials said that in September, Shareef became acquainted with a witness who was cooperating with the FBI and confided to him that he wanted to commit acts of 'violent jihad,' as well as other crimes." I am, of course, reminded of the ding-dongs who were busted while seeking terrorists boots and uniforms.

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