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U.S. has little time to confirm NK nuclear test

U.S. officials said on Friday initial tests of air samples taken near North Korea found no evidence of radiation, and experts said the United States may have only days to find conclusive evidence of a nuclear test.

But the United States, whose spy planes are continuing to collect samples for radiological evidence, is not ready to declare there was no nuclear device tested, officials said. [...]

"The initial test came back negative," a U.S. official told Reuters, referring to the air sample tests.

Further analysis was being conducted but the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue, added, "I doubt it will differ from the initial one."

John Negroponte says otherwise...


U.S. confirms North Korean nuclear test

An analysis of air samples collected shortly after North Korea declared it had conducted an underground nuclear explosion confirms the test took place, according to the office of the U.S. director of national intelligence.

The analysis detected radioactive debris, indicating the explosive yield was less than one kiloton, said a statement from John Negroponte's office. That is relatively small for a nuclear test.

See, you can get a lot done over the weekend if you really, really want to.

Officials wanted to do more analysis before confirming the North Korean test. Sources said a nuclear facility in Russia is near the North Korean border, and analysts wanted to rule it out as the source of the radioactive debris.

Negroponte's likely response: More analysis? We don't got no more analysis. We don't need no more analysis! We don't have to show you any more stinkin' analysis!

Onward towards war.


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