What’s that cool breeze I feel?

Something’s definitely in the air:

An odd thing seems to have happened to mighty right-wing talking head media juggernaut. They are still talking, but fewer people seem to be listening — at least on the Internet.

Alexa.com, which is owned and operated by Amazon.com, tracks online usage for all Web sites, large and small. … At U.S. Politics Today, we thought it might be interesting to see how the right-wing media machine was doing. Not well, it turns out.
What did they find out? During the last three months, AnnCoulter.com is down 10%. Fox News down 13%. RushLimbaugh.com down 18%. The Drudge Report down 21%. Townhall.com down 24%. Washington Times’ website down 27%. And BillOreilly.com down 40%.

Could it be that Internet users are getting tired of political sites in general? Maybe so. But http://moveon.org is up 13 percent in the same period.
Delicious! thought I. But I’ve always got to do my own research. So I headed over to make sure there was no cherry-picking going on. What did I find?

Focus on the Family down 18%. Free Republic down 19%. Hugh Hewitt down 21%. World Net Daily down 23%. Michelle Malkin down 30%. The Weekly Standard down 37%. Pajamas Media down 39%.

Raw Story up 6%. Center for American Progress up 12%. Crooks and Liars up 17%. Think Progress up 41%.

I’ve no doubt I’ve forgotten some notable examples that might be exceptions to this trend (although I will assure you I did not find a single right-wing blog whose traffic went up that I deliberately left out), and regular old blogs all seem to be down a bit. Eschaton is down 16%. Daily Kos is down 10%. Shakes is down 8%. But even there, the right-wing blogs look to be doing worse. Little Green Footballs down 19%. Volokh Conspiracy down 28%. Powerline down 33%.

Maybe it doesn’t mean anything. But maybe it does.

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