Media Ménage à Trois

with Georgie and Laura, who have “typical” days just like the rest of us. When Laura mentioned watching “a movie in the White House theater,” I could totally relate—although my home movie theater isn’t as big as it used to be, since we put in the bowling alley and the arboretum.

Seriously, why does our media feel compelled to do stories like this, indulging the Bushes’ pretension that they're jus’ ordinary folk? I don’t begrudge any president of the United States having access to a White House movie theater, a personal chef, a personal tailor, and other plush trappings, because, after all, s/he is the leader of an important country and can’t be housed in a shack wearing Dockers and feasting on mac ‘n cheese. But let’s not pretend that someone who’s afforded those luxuries is the same as the rest of us.

Enough already. If for no other reason than because watching those two acting like ninny-brained hillbillies when they’re millionaires is just embarrassing to behold.

(Hat tip to Creature.)

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