God's Not the Only One Watching You

The Left Behind Video Game, in which you gun people down for Jesus, has an additional bonus for the nutters that purchase the game. And it ain't holy water.

It's packed with spyware.
It's cutting-edge Israeli technology -- a piece of software inserted directly into Left Behind: Eternal Forces, software that cannot be blocked or removed -- and without your knowledge or permission, it tracks you. This in-game ad software records how often you play the video game, at what time of day and for how long, what game play areas you visit (like Times Square, Soho, Chinatown, or the United Nations Building), which video ads and product placements you view, where your computer is located geographically, and who you are demographically. It monitors your choices and behavior, collates data, and reports back in real-time to... whom? For what purposes? Do you know?
(Tip 'o the Energy Dome to Crooks & Liars.)

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