Snow day

I have to admit to being a bit nonplussed over the avalanche (sorry) of media and blogospheric attention devoted to the appointment of Fox News talking head Tony Snow to the office of White House mouthpiece. After all, somebody had to take the job, and who more suitable - and less surprising - than an administration-friendly face from the network charitably described in some corners (including this one) as the American Pravda? This is the doggiest of a "dog bites man" stories, folks. Now had Helen Thomas signed on as press secretary, that would be real news.

It will be interesting to watch Snow for the inevitable nervous tics and Queeg-like mannerisms that will emerge in this, the hell-comes-to-breakfast phase of the Bush presidency. It didn't take long for the natural course of events to break Scott McClellan, and he was front and center for just the earliest of bills coming due.

One thing this story does is sharpen one's appreciation for Ari Fleischer's finely-honed sense of timing...and survival. He knew precisely when to bail out of this flaming wreck of an administration.

Welcome aboard, Tony!

(Sorry, but I just had to jump in the Snow drift. Cross-posted.)

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