I totally know the feeling.


From the Skeptic's Dictionary entry on "trepanation" : Trepanation is the process of cutting a hole in the skull...

I bring this up as a roundabout way of saying that I'd rather drill a hole in my head that write another damn post about the corruption of George W. Bush...but I'm a political blogger and writing about this crap is my lot in life, so I'd better get used to writing the same post over and over until 2008.

It's those days when you sit and stare at the screen and begin to consider you'll never finish the post on which you're working if you can't come up with a creative new way to say "corrupt asshole" that the term blogger burnout gets stuck in your head and won't come loose. Failing, perhaps, a little trepanation.

Sometimes I feel like this isn't a blog, but the longest Mad Lib ever invented.

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