Right to Life Lie Crusade

Shaker MH, with his mother’s permission, forwarded this email he received from her after she had an interesting run-in with a group calling itself the Right to Life Crusade. Shaker Mom VH lives in Indiana, like me, where an abortion ban is likely to come up for a vote in the Indiana General Assembly next year.

A couple of hours ago the phone rang and I picked it up. This recorded voice asked me if I would take part in a survey on abortion. The recorded voice asked me to punch 1 for pro-life and 9 for pro-choice. I punched 9, and the recorded voice thanked me for choosing pro-life and to punch 3 if I was interested in joining the "Right to Life Crusade." I was so flippin' mad. I found a number (long distance to Tulsa, Okla., called it.... a man answered by saying "hello" ... I asked him if this was the number for "Right to Life Crusade" and he said yes. So I told him that I basically was against abortion but I was for pro-choice, and what happened in the so-called survey. So he said he was going to check on it and call me back.
That was Sunday. Needless to say, he has not called back.

Shaker Mom VH continues:

You know, if people would get as enthusiastic about contraception as they do about abortion, we just wouldn't have the problem. And Lord knows, we don't need the stupid, and I mean stupid, government butting in. They are making a mess out everything they touch!
No need to wonder why Bush’s approval rating has hit another all-time low. Iraq is just one of many reasons.

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