Mr. Unpopular

Bush’s approval rating has fallen to 39% even in the Fox News poll, where he gets his highest marks. He’s coming in at 38% in the newest CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll, and 36% in the most recent Quinnipiac poll.

The latest Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll shows Bush's approval rating "fell to 38%, the lowest level recorded for him in the poll."

"And in a trend that could affect turnout in the November midterm elections, Bush confronts what might be called an intensity gap: the percentage of Americans who said they strongly disapprove of his performance on a wide range of issues greatly exceeded the share who strongly approve."
His “strongly disapprove” ratings alone are consistently hitting in the 40%s, which means there are more people who strongly disapprove of his performance than approve. Overall disapproval is in the high 50%s.

If we can’t impeach his lousy ass, I say we start a petition for a Do-Over. It’s sort of like a recall, except it also entails undoing any and all legislation tied to his presidency—so not only does he get the big boot, but we also wave bye-bye to tax cuts, the bankruptcy bill, the Medicaid prescription plan, No Child Left Behind, John Roberts, and Samuel Alito. And we start all over again, like the last 5 years never happened. Meanwhile, we send him and the rest of the neocons to Iraq to clean up their own mess.

Strike that. The Iraqis have suffered enough. We’ll just put them in jail. I’m thinking Gitmo.

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