It’s Called Acting

Passed on by Shaker Zack, who notes, “It's almost too hilariously stupid to be offensive. Almost.”

Brokeback Mountain actress Michelle Williams has been disowned by her former school because of her role in the controversial gay cowboy romance. Williams, who attended exclusive Santa Fe Christian School in San Diego, California, has been blasted by the school's headmaster as "offensive" for acting the long-suffering wife of a homosexual ranch hand, played by Heath Ledger. Jim Hopson has branded the Oscar nominee a poor role model, and hopes his education establishment won't be linked to the film's themes. He tells the San Diego Union Tribune, "We don't want to have anything to do with her in relation to that movie. Michelle doesn't represent the values of this institution. Brokeback Mountain basically promotes a lifestyle we don't promote."
Well, it’s safe to say that your plan backfired; certainly the school will be linked to the film’s themes—homophobia and bigotry—although I’m sure those aren’t the ones to which you were referring. Nice going, dipshit.

She’s also—gasp!—had a baby out of wedlock with Heath Ledger, too. And that was in her real life, not in a fucking movie. Oh, the horror!

Any comment, Mr. Hopson? Do you promote that “lifestyle”? Or isn’t there as much money to be made and notoriety to be had by lambasting single mothers, some of whom surely pay the tuitions at your precious school?

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