Radical Gay Agenda Update

<—— This Concerned Woman total fag dude, who happens to be preternaturally preoccupied with All Things Gay because he’s so straight and is the best possible spokesperson for Concerned Women of America’s Culture and Family Institute because he’s a man, is very unhappy about those gay-friendly posters going up in classrooms in the Bay Area. Especially since some of the teachers who were resisting the posters on religious grounds have now started to comply. Says Concerned Resolutely Heterosexual Man Bob Knight:

"This is about bullying people and saying you will kneel down and bow to the Baal god of homosexuality -- or we'll make your life very miserable."

…And it is wrong, Knight adds, to force teachers into a situation that implies their approval of an unsafe and unhealthy lifestyle. "When you put a rainbow poster up in your classroom, you're lending the authority of the teacher to the gay-rights movement," he explains. In essence, says Knight, the district is saying: "Kids, go ahead and try this behavior. Even your teacher is for it."
My god, Shakers. It's so simple! Why haven’t we thought of it before? All we have to do to cure homosexuality is put up posters endorsing heterosexuality in every classroom, and then all the gay kids will know their teachers are "for" straightness! Eureka!

Although...you might have thought that all those teachers getting busted having sex with their opposite-sex students might have done the job even better than pro-straight posters.

Huh. Maybe it’s not quite as simple as I thought. And maybe Knight and his Concerned Women ought to find something else to be concerned about. Like how many teachers are having sex with their students—yeesh!

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