Regarding the question of whether CNN’s Christiane Amanpour was being spied on, Fix at Alternate Brain notes:

How much you wanna bet we find they've been spying on the Democrats, namely the Kerry campaign last year? It's just conjecture on my part, so far, but I feel comfortable making the prediction.
He ought to. Amanpour's husband is ex-State Dept. spokesperson and Kerry campaign adviser Jamie Rubin. If they were spying on Amanpour, it certainly seems almost unavoidable that they were spying on the Kerry campaign.

As Bill Safire noted on Meet the Press, discussing his own experience with having been wiretapped:

I was writing a speech on welfare reform, and the president looks at it and says, "OK, I'll go with it, but this is not going to get covered. Leak it as far an wide as you can beforehand. Maybe we'll get something in the paper." And so I go back to my office and I get a call from a reporter, and he wants to know about foreign affairs or something, and I said, "Hey, you want a leak? I'll tell you what the president will say tomorrow about welfare reform." And he took it down and wrote a little story about it. But the FBI was illegally tapping his phone at the time, and so they hear a White House speechwriter say, "Hey, you want a leak?" And so they tapped my phone, and for six months, every home phone call I got was tapped. I didn't like that. And when it finally broke--it did me a lot of good at the time, frankly, because then I was on the right side--but it told me how easy it was to just take somebody who is not really suspected of anything for any good reason and listen to every conversation in his home--you know, my wife talking to her doctor, my--everything.
Just a thought.

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