Casey Supports Alito

Oy. When are Democrats actually going to start running Democrats again?

For crying out loud, this is just ludicrous. In the year 2006, it is patently unacceptable for a Democratic Senatorial candidates—particularly in a state (as LeMew points out) which was carried by both Gore and Kerry—to be blithely unconcerned about a SCOTUS nominee who is actively hostile toward women’s rights, ethically challenged, a resolute corporatist, and supportive of the notion of the unitary executive. More LeMew:

I am on the record of being highly skeptical of Robert Casey Jr.'s claims to be a staunch progressive who happens to be extremely reactionary on women's rights, but I was also open-minded. Well, just like Ricky "Five Angels" Santorum he's endorsed the arch-reactionary-on-every-conceivable-issue Sam Alito for the Supreme Court. That's enough; Casey should not be the Democratic nominee. Chuck Pennacchio doesn't support the right-of-Scalia Alito, and he deserves the support of Pennsylvania Democrats.'s worth noting as well that Harry Reid--an actually progressive pro-life Democrat--is strongly opposed to Alito, and Russ Feingold will be casting his first vote ever against a Supreme Court nominee. Alito--Scalia or Thomas without even a libertarian streak--will probably the most reactionary Supreme Court justice in over a half-century...
The Democrats’ 2006 slogan is “Together, America Can Do Better” but from everything I’m seeing, a more appropriate slogan would be “Me, too!” With rampant and wanton corruption plaguing Congress, the Dems actually waited until the GOP rolled out its own reform plan before they rolled out theirs, which looked almost exactly the same. Me, too! The Dems chose a gay-baiting warhawk to deliver the rebuttal to Bush’s State of the Union address. Me, too! With a real chance of ousting the odious Santorum, a pro-life, Alito-supporting candidate is given the big establishment props. Me, too!

You know, progressive bloggers have taken on the thankless and all-but-futile task of trying to combat a massive conservative message movement, which entails constantly debunking GOP talking points, combating the ungodly conservative shill machine including print and television pundits, columnists, chat hosts, talk radio, radical religious groups, law groups, anti-choice groups, homobigot groups, racist groups, and all manner of extremist rhetoric from a seemingly never-ending stream of its purveyors, and trying to get some traction for progressive ideas again while defending your useless Dem asses against charges that you’re the Party of No Ideas. The least you could do is give us something better than Me, too!. Not just because it would make our unpaid, unsung, and unappreciated efforts that much easier, but because Americans deserve better than that.

Do you not see that, or do you just not fucking care?

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