Scotty Turns on Rove?

So says John Podhoretz, who claims that “Scott McClellan's messy fingerprints are all over the WaPo story” in which Rove's future role is debated. (Via Wonkette, who wisely asks, “Seriously though, does Scotty even have fingerprints? Hasn't he blurred them off by all the thumb-sucking and rocking back-and-forth in the corner he does between briefings?”)

Podhoretz’s evidence breaks down thusly:

The essence of the story is that Karl Rove needs to go because he's made life difficult for McClellan. You have to figure, therefore, that the story was leaked or sanctioned by McClellan, a fact that is telegraphed clumsily by a series of pro-McClellan sentences. … This is the first time ever that a sympathetic word has been published about Scott McClellan, which is tipoff #1 that the story derives from him or his friends. Tipoff #2 is the idea that what's affecting the White House is less the whole leak affair than its effect on Scott McClellan. Yes, I'm sure people are wandering the halls of the Old Executive Office Building, murmuring to each other, "I just can't get any work done because of what's happened to Scott!"
His recommendation is that the White House keep Rove (“the most effective White House strategist in our lifetimes”) and dump McClellan (who “isn't a very good press secretary, to put it mildly. He looks as though at any moment he is going to bolt from the podium and go running into the bathroom to throw up”). I say can both their asses, but then again, I’m one of those “anti-Rove hysterics” that he mentions. I’m just nutty that way.

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