Best Defense I’ve Read of Dick Durbin’s Statements

He totally gets it:
The moral question is not simply of degree - how widespread and systematic is this kind of inhumanity? It is of kind: is this the kind of behavior more associated with despots than with democracies? Of course it is. When a country starts treating its prisoners like animals, it has lost its moral bearings; and, in the case of the United States, is also breaking its own laws (and, in this case, the president has declared himself above the law). … I'm sick of hearing justifications that the enemy is worse. This is news? This is what now passes for analysis? … This administration - by design, improvisation, desperation, arrogance, incompetence, and willful blindness - has enabled this to occur. They must be held accountable until this cancer is rooted out for good. It has metastasized enough already.
See here and then here.

Who is he? Conservative Andrew Sullivan.

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