Dance, McClellan, Dance!

Ohmigod, this is priceless: Editor & Publisher has posted some choice selections from yesterday’s daily press briefing, where the reporters actually started mocking the idea that not notifying Lance Armstrong President Bush until after he had finished his bike ride that the White House had been evacuated was perfectly normal. You must read the entire thing, and if you’re drinking this time of the day, might I suggest a drinking game where you take a swig each time Scotty-boy says the word “protocol.”

Here are some of my favorite questions:
Q: Isn't there a bit of an appearance problem, notwithstanding the president's safety was not in question, protocols were followed, that today, looking at it, he was enjoying a bike ride, and that recreation time was not considered expendable to inform him of this.

Q: But has the President even indicated that even if everything was followed that he would prefer to be notified, that if the choice is: tell the commander in chief or let him continue to exercise, that he would prefer to be informed?

Q: Might there be something wrong with protocols that render the president unnecessary when the alarm is going off at his house?

Q: Scott, to follow on the same line of questioning, if there is a possibility that a plane may have to be shot down over Washington, doesn't the President want to be involved in that type of decision?
Q: Uh, Scott—can you please tell us who’s really running the country while the chimp is off riding his bike like a circus sideshow act?

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